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WGU Academy Installment Payment Policy

WGU Academy Payment Plan  

Terms & Conditions 


This Payment Plan (“Plan”) is between WGU Academy and its affiliated entities (collectively, “WGU”) and you (“Plan Owner”) to process installment payments for WGU tuition.  

You accept and agree to be bound by this Plan’s terms and conditions until the total amount owed is paid in full.  

  1. AUTHORIZATION. You authorized WGU to process payments from the payment method provided or any subsequent method and acknowledge the payment method provided belongs to you or your designated payee from whom you have authority to process payments governed by this Plan. Your authorization will terminate when the total balance due has been paid.
  2. TERM AND PAYMENTS. Your total balance is divided into equal monthly payments based on the length of your selected program or course offering. If you complete the program or course offering before the stated length permitted, you will still be billed monthly until the total balance is paid in full.
    1. REFUNDS. If you choose to withdraw your enrollment within three (3) calendar days following enrollment (“Grace Period”) and have completed up to and including Orientation, you will receive a full refund for any fees paid. If you choose to withdraw after the Grace Period, you will be billed for the entire total balance pursuant to this Plan regardless of your progress in the selected program or course offering. You can withdraw by sending an email to or by calling 888-320-0540.
    2. PREPAYMENT. There is no prepayment penalty, and your account may be paid in full at any time. 
    3. PROGRAM OR COURSE OFFERING EXTENSION. If you need to extend your access beyond the length of your selected program or course offering, you will be billed on a per month basis to accommodate this extension. Fees vary by program or course offering and will be disclosed to you prior to processing any extension.
  3. DEFAULT. Your failure to make on-time installment payments does not constitute an official withdrawal from WGU and will be considered a default.
    1. NONPAYMENTS. In the event of nonpayment, WGU will restrict access to your enrolled program or course offering until payment has been satisfied. A failed payment will terminate your payment plan if payment is not received in full within fourteen (14) calendar days, in which case the full amount of your balance will be immediately due. WGU may refer your account to an external collection agency and take necessary legal action to collect any amounts due. You hereby authorize WGU to release information about your account to those involved in any collection efforts. You agree to pay all of WGU’s collection costs which include but are not limited to reasonable legal fees. You will also be ineligible to enroll in future payment plans. 
  4. CHANGES TO PLAN. You may make changes to the information provided in this Plan by contacting WGU.  If you, as the Plan Owner, are not the recipient of services, then any recommended changes must be authorized by you prior to the implementation of any changes. The recipient of services is responsible for receiving authorization from the Plan Owner and must communicate this authorization to WGU in writing (email is sufficient).  You do not require WGU to send advance notice of adjustments resulting from authorized changes, which includes any reduction in the balance due.
  5. DISCOVERY OF SUSPECTED ERRORS. If you discover what you believe to be an error made by WGU, you must report the suspected error to WGU immediately by sending an email to or by calling 888-320-0540. WGU must hear from you no later than sixty (60) days after the suspected error occurred. This obligates you to a timely review of your payment method statements and a timely response to emails or phone calls. It is your responsibility to report suspected errors as soon as possible.
  6. GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE. This Plan shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah. This Plan should in no way be construed to be a lender-borrower agreement between WGU and the Plan Owner. Any litigation arising out of this Plan shall be brought in the courts located in Salt Lake County, Utah.
  7. PRIVACY AND SECURITY. Data collected and stored by WGU’s payment processor pursuant to this Plan is governed by WGU’s privacy policy. This data will not be used by WGU’s payment processor in any manner not approved by WGU unless required by law. Access to the data shall be restricted to authorized associates and shall be used only for the purposes of providing services to you or WGU.