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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer System and Technology Requirements
Recommended Computer Settings: Operating System -  Windows 8 or later, Mac OS X 10.11 or later Web Browser- Latest Chrome (preferred), Edge, Firefox, or Safari Browser Cookies- Enabled

If any of your courses include a proctored exam, you will need an external web camera.

Proctored Exam Requirements:
  • An external web camera is required for online exam proctoring. (This requirement does not apply to those enrolled in ITF+.)
  • Chromebooks are not compatible with the online proctoring service. Therefore, they cannot be used to take proctored final exams.

Please check the external webcam minimum specifications below to ensure that Examity can successfully proctor your exam.

External Webcam Minimum Specifications:

The webcam recommendations listed here meet or exceed the minimum resolution. For example, options with HD 1080p and 720p image resolution possess the functionality to exceed the minimum. A laptop's integrated camera does not meet these requirements. Webcams must be external and elevated to achieve the required viewing angle.

  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Minimum Resolution: HD 720p
  • Viewing Angle: 70 degrees or higher
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Focus: Automatic or Manual
  • Microphone: Integrated microphone
  • Imaging Distance: five (5) cm to infinity
  • Video Format: Color
  • Minimum Height of Camera (using gooseneck or tripod): eight (8) inches
What is the relationship between WGU and WGU Academy?
WGU created WGU Academy to provide a college-readiness program with guaranteed admission to WGU. While everyone can succeed in college under the right circumstances, WGU recognizes that not everyone who wants to go to WGU is ready to commit to a full course load and a six-month tuition plan. WGU Academy offers courses and certificates that will help you develop skills that dramatically increase the likelihood of success in college and in your career. You'll have the opportunity to strengthen your motivation, confidence, and academic preparedness. We're here to help you accomplish your academic goals no matter where they'll take you.
How does guaranteed admissions to WGU work?
If you enroll in any of WGU Academy's single courses or course bundles, you will meet WGU's academic admission requirements. Once you complete the required transferable course with a "pass" grade, you will need to clear any remaining non-academic WGU requirements, including sending transcripts from other colleges and any other special pre-enrollment steps. See the course requirements in each section or talk to your WGU Academy Enrollment Counselor for more details. WGU Academy's admission guarantee does not currently include some WGU programs. Check with your enrollment counselor if the WGU program you are interested in is not listed on our website.
Why coaching?
Most students at WGU Academy are looking to create opportunities and possibilities in their lives. Working with a personal coach is a powerful way to focus on your goals. It can even be life-changing. Coaching can help you manage your inner dialogue, so your thoughts bring you closer to your goals and not further away. Many of the most successful people in the world are supported by coaches—think life coaches, executive coaches, and even sports coaches. At WGU Academy, you will be supported by a Success Coach who will meet with you one-on-one. Our coaches are trained in coaching psychology and motivational interviewing and serve as your sounding board and listen to what you want to help you develop and then build your future.
Is WGU Academy accredited?
Only colleges and universities can be accredited. However, WGU Academy is an approved course provider to WGU. WGU Academy academic courses are fully transferable and work as a pathway to WGU bachelor's degree programs.
Why is tuition at WGU Academy different from tuition at WGU?
While WGU's flat-rate tuition covers a full 6-month term and is paid upfront, WGU Academy's flat rate tuition is based on the courses you choose and how long you'll need to complete them. There's an option to pay for additional time to complete the courses, but we've set the time it should take based on the performance of thousands of students who have taken the courses. We also offer certificate options for a flat rate fee. These include all the courses you need to pass the certification exam.
Is financial aid available?
Federal financial aid is not available to WGU Academy students. Please speak with your Enrollment Counselor about ongoing promotional offers you may be eligible for.
How quickly can I finish and enroll at WGU?
That’s up to you! It will depend on how much time you’re able to dedicate to your coursework. It’s very possible to finish your required WGU Academy courses in as little as two to three months. We encourage you to complete your WGU Academy program in the shortest time possible. If you're transferring to WGU, we can send your Academy transcript immediately, even if you have other non-academic requirements to complete for admission, such as financial aid.